A Longtooth Shifter Cleric with blue fur


Prilor was born into a middle class family during the rare blue moon. Prilor appeared to have a bluish tint to his coloring which led many to believe he was an omen sent by the gods themselves. During his younger years, Prilor was taken in by the clergy and schooled. The hope was that by teaching him about the gods, the gods would look favorable on their tribe. As the years past, Prilor’s tribe successfully fed their own and conquered other tribes growing in strength. Prilor excelled at his studies and when he reached young adulthood, was elevated to Priest. His tribe believed he was truly a good omen and Prilor soon was even leading forces on various adventures and campaigns. He was treated as well as the leaders in the tribe, which some leaders resented. Unfortunately for Prilor, the tribe grew greedy and war hungry. Though he tried to preach against the continual war mentality, it was to no avail. Soon the tribe‚Äôs lack of planning and strategy began to affect the tribe adversely. There was a shortage of food and battles were being lost. As people started to distrust the leadership and see the value of what Prilor was teaching, the leaders needed a new plan to maintain control. As a result, they started to spread word that all the misfortune was due to Prilor because he was no longer in the gods favor and now was in fact blight upon their tribe. The tribe looking for anything that may change their fortunes sought to sacrifice Prilor in the hopes of appeasing the gods and returning the tribe to favor. Prilor catching word of what was happening and the treachery of the leaders was torn with despair and even the uncertainty that they may be right. He fled the village in a search of answers and his place in the world….

During his exile, he had much time to contemplate his existence and question his origin. Was he meant for great things or was it pure coincidence he was born on a blue moon with a bluish tint? It was during this time he came to worship Ilmater. One day Prilor came upon a caravan of merchants who were being shackled by a group of Genasi and put in cages. Sensing the merchants need for help and by the urging of his god Ilmater, he sprang into action in an attempt to free those in need. Though he fought well and almost succeeded but the Genesi warriors ultimately triumphed. Beat to the brink of death, Prilor lost consciousness and figured he would soon meet his god. Unfortunately the Genesi had other ideas….


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