Extinguishing the Skyfire Wars

The Story Begins

I awakened shackled to a bench with 4 strangers: a dwarf, drow, tiefling, and genasi. They too appeared to be groggy and confused. The Genasi was strangely bald with gray eyes and had a slight smoky hue to his skin and what appeared to be silver tattoos. He had a slender yet athletic body lightly covered in black leather armor. The Tiefling was most unique as well having horns that stuck straight out instead of back and missing half of his tail. I could sense strength within the drow as if his god favored him and he appeared to be confident as if he knew something no one else did.

I did not know how long I had been kept asleep/unconscious. Grey cracked stonewalls surrounded us. I could see sand covering every precipice. In the background I could faintly make out the cheering of people. One could only assume based on our group that we were about to be publicly executed. Perhaps this was for the best.

A dragonborn dressed in the cloths of a slave and appearing broken and tired approached us and handed our equipment. He identified himself as Drake. He informed us that we had been chosen to fight till the death for tonight’s games. The dwarf made a cowardly remark, inciting the genasi to rebuke him. The drow demanded to know where we were though we were in no position to make demands. Drake sneered at their rashness but obliged the request by informing us we were in the Ghubara Coliseum and we were to be the entertainment for Pasha Raqaya. The dwarf begged for his life and again was rebuked by the Genasi for his weakness. The tiefling seemed to be studying the surroundings including all of us. Not knowing our true fate, I attempted to comfort those by suggesting if we worked together perhaps we could overcome the challenge set forth.

Drake continued to look at us as if unsure of something, almost hesitant. After a moment, he must have decided to take a chance. He says that he can help us to get out of the coliseum but that we must do exactly as he says. It was clear he was taking a great risk as he began to sweat and nervously look around. We were instructed that during our battle, the east gate of the coliseum would be opened. At that point we were to quickly run to the exit. Once through the exit we were to encounter Lurg guarding the exit. If we could get past Lurg, proceed to the docks and seek passage on board the Endless Horizon boat scheduled to sale to Almraiven. If we managed to make it to Almraiven, we where to locate Jhalen Primrose who would help us to gain further instructions. The drow seeming unconvinced the dragonborn could get us out, asked why this Jhalen would help us. Drake pulled a letter from his tunic and told us if we gave him this letter, he would help. The tiefling took the letter from him.

It is time, Drake led us to toward the doors, and the noise of the crowd grew stronger. As we were unshackled and preparing to meet our fate, I asked the unlikely companions what their names were. Zan-Kyri the Genesi, Modrosti the Drow, Nagalen the Tiefling, and Sally the dwarf. I felt the adrenaline and feral instincts within me begin to rise. I assured them is we stuck close to each other perhaps we could yet win the day. Nagalen asked how we were to get to the gate without being seen as that seemed unlikely. Drake said that he would take care of that and we would know when to make a run for the gate. Modrosti asked why he was helping us and why we should trust him. At that moment the doors opened. We had to cover our eyes from the intense sunlight. The echo within our chamber from the crowd roar was almost deafening. I heard Drake say because you must. You are our last hope. I wanted to ask what he meant, but we were shoved into the arena and the doors were closed.

The arena was packed with Genesi cursing and spitting at us. We could see a large pit on one side of the floor and a fire pit on the other. The sound of a heavy door opening brought our attention to what was inside. Out of the darkness 2 dust devils, 2 stormclaw scorpions and a stormshard emerged. We each looked at each other, perhaps sizing the others abilities and worth. Zan-Kyri, as if about to burst from energy, charged at the dust devils and struck a mighty blow. The creatures surrounded Zan and threw him into the pit. Sally quickly scurried to the other side of the arena behind the fire pit and two magical arms appeared from him grasping the stormshard and pulling it into the fire. Seeing that my plan of staying together was not in the cards and that Zan was in need of help, I rushed up to the edge of the pit blasting at the dust devils. Modrosti charged up beside me attacking the scorpions and Nagalen moved to the other side of the pits and began chanting what appeared to be curses. The battle raged on with both sides showing the signs of blood. I could sense we were in trouble if something did not happen soon. As if on cue, many in the crowd began chanting in harmony. It was difficult for me to make out the exact ritual because at this time I was within the grip of the scorpions pincher. Interestingly, Sally seemed to startled at first by but seemed to nod in understanding. I will need to question him further when given the chance. Our foes suddenly seemed to become rigid and blank as if under a spell. This was our chance; the east gate was open just as Drake said it would be. After a few quick blows to the creature, I yelled to my companions to run towards the door before it was too late. Not wanted to miss our opportunity, we sprinted to the east gate.



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